Healthcare Projects

The INPRO Group makes a Donation every year. The Donation 2017 goes to the Timor Foundation for a Health Care Project based in Eastern Timor.

Timor-Leste lacks comprehensive medical care. 1000 physicians returned from Cuba where they received a basic medical education. Today they work all over the country and are enrolled in a nationwide training program. However, there is still a lack of well-trained medical staff from technical assistants, nurses to physicians. An injury like a small cut can become a major problem for patients especially in the more remote areas. Childrens’ and adults’ heart diseases are high on the agenda, due to under- and malnutrition. Dengue and malaria are especially widespread but also tuberculosis can be found. Timor is missing appropriate diagnostic capabilities and experts. The quality of the hospitals is poor and for the remote living people only accessible with great difficulties.

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