Members of the INPRO Group are first class independent export packers. They are all market leaders in their own country or region.

The INPRO Group maintains high standards and criteria for membership. INPRO members should:

  • Maintain and operate their own production and packing facilities in their service region or country.
  • Be one of the recognized market leaders in their service region or country.
  • Be an independent company, i.e. a stand alone privately owned company and not a small division or subsidiary of a larger company or group of companies.
  • Be willing and prepared to support the needs of fellow members by providing quick response to requests for assistance and having the ability to fulfill those requests.

Most of the companies are family owned businesses. This has created unique family business like shared values within the Group: quality, continuity, customer focus and open and rapid response. Potential new applicants are audited by designated representatives of INPRO members. The audit process will take up to two years.